Let’s go shooting!

In a few simple steps

Booking your shooting event

Start by sending a booking or inquiry. Same-day and last-minute bookings are welcome.


Within 15 minutes we email you back to confirm and finalize your booking details.


Pay our CZK 250 / €10 per person PayPal deposit request with any credit card and receive a digital receipt.


Your driver picks you up at your chosen address in Prague.


Pay the remaining amount at the range in cash. We accept CZK and EUR.


Now it’s time to enjoy your unforgettable shooting experience!


Your driver takes you back to your chosen address. It can be a different Prague location from the pick-up one.

Good to know

No response?

If you reach out to us during the office hours but don’t hear back from us within 15 minutes, then our email response likely ended up in your spam folder — please take a look there. Outside the office hours, we come back to you the first thing in the morning.


We accept cash payments in CZK, EUR, USD, and GBP. CZK and EUR prices are listed on our website. For USD or GBP payments, we use the current official exchange rate of CZK to calculate the exact amount. Change is always in CZK.

Cancellation policy

You are free to cancel with no charge up to 24 hours before your shooting event. After this date, the deposit is not refundable.

Weather conditions

Our range shooting events are independent of weather conditions. In case of bad weather or low temperatures, we simply run shooting sessions inside our indoor range.

Transfers to the range

Our shooting packages include transfers to the range and back with free hotel pick-up & drop-off. The pick-up and drop-off locations may differ, and you choose them during the booking process or at a later stage. They both need to be within the city of Prague.


Extra services, such as out-of-Prague and airport pick-up/drop-off, bringing a friend as a spectator, etc., can be arranged for a fee.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have.

Frequently asked questions

General questions

Can I shoot guns in Prague? #

Yes, you can shoot guns in Prague. A great place to experience it is the ShootingRangePrague.com indoor & outdoor range. And you don’t need a shooting license. The certified range instructors will teach you how to shoot various kinds of guns correctly & safely.

Can I shoot even though I don't have a guns license? #

Our licensed shooting instructor will accompany you during the whole shooting session, so you don't need to have a shooting license yourself.

Can I attend the shooting session as a spectator? #

You are very welcome to join our shooting trip as a spectator. One spectator is free. The charge for more is €12 per spectator.

Is there some age limit for shooting at your range? #

The minimum age for the shooting is 10. Kids between the ages of 10 and 18 must be accompanied to the shooting range by a parent or guardian and have parental approval.

Do I need to bring my ID? #

Please bring your passport or another photo ID to the shooting range.

What clothes should I be wearing? #

There are no special requirements on the range, just wear anything comfortable.

Do you offer something special for stag parties? #

The stag will get to shoot a cool gun (not included in his chosen package) as a present from us. Plus, each member of the group will get, after the shooting, a great Czech beer. Also, we offer exciting group discounts.

Shooting packages

What package do you recommend to choose for first-timers? #

You can choose any of the shooting packages. You do not need to have any previous experience to have maximal fun, as the professional shooting instructor will help you handle and shoot each gun.

What is included in the packages? #

Every shooting package includes hotel pick-up & drop-off, transfers in a minivan, range entrance fee, one-to-one English speaking shooting instructor, gun rental, ammunition, targets, protective headphones & goggles, and refreshment.

Can I add extra shots to my selected package? #

Yes, you can purchase extra shots with your package. Please contact our customer care specialist who will be happy to calculate the price for you.

Can I switch some guns in the package? #

Yes, it is possible to customise the guns in your shooting package. Please get in touch with our customer care specialist, who will be happy to assist you.

Can I design an entirely custom shooting package for myself? #

Yes, it is possible to build your own shooting package. Our customer care specialist can assist you with the gun selection and ammunition numbers.

Can each participant in a group have a different package? #

Yes, each of you can have a different package. Any eligible group discount will still be applied.

Can we share one package with more people? #

We are sorry, package sharing is not possible. Each shooter needs to have his own package.

Booking & payment

What payment methods do you accept? #

You pay a CZK 250 / €10 per person booking deposit by Paypal (payable by any credit card) and the rest on the shooting range in cash.

What are the cancellation conditions? #

To secure your spots at the gun range, you pay a CZK 250 / €10 per person booking deposit by Paypal, which is refundable if you cancel up to 24 hours before your shooting event.

I am only one person, can I join you, or only a group can book? #

Single shooters are welcome to join our shooting trips. So, you do not need to be in a group to book the shooting session at our range.

How do I schedule the shuttle service? #

You do not need to arrange the shuttle service extra; it is included automatically. In the booking form of the shooting package, you will be asked for your pick-up and drop-off address.

I don’t know my pick-up address now, can I let you know later? #

Yes, you can make a booking for a specific pick-up time and inform us about your pick-up address once you know it.

Do you accept walk-ins? #

We do not, but the online booking process is quick and last-minute friendly.

Do you offer group discounts? #

There are discounts for groups of 10 or more people for our shooting events. The final price per person depends on the size of your group. The prices of the shooting packages already include those group discounts. For the price list for groups of 30 and more people, contact us, please.

Are any other discounts available? #

We offer discounts for multiple range visits, team-building shooting events and for owners of Czech gun licence.

How do I get a promo code? #

You get the promo code for multiple visits after the first visit to our shooting range. Promo codes for team building shooting events and for owners of Czech gun licence you get on request. The group discounts are already calculated in the price list of our shooting packages.


Can I book a spot as a spectator? #

Yes, sure, spectators are more than welcome on our shooting trips.

What is the price for a spectator? #

One spectator is for free, each additional for €12.

How can I book in a spectator? #

In the booking form mention the number of spectators in the comment field.

Is there a limit how many spectator can join a group? #

There is no limitation on the number of spectators.

I booked in as a spectator; can I change my mind during the shooting session and shoot? #

Of course, you can choose any shooting packages on the gun range there.

Am I allowed to take photos & videos while my companion is shooting? #

Yes, you are welcome to do so, just as you stay behind the safety line.

Am I allowed, as a spectator - not a shooter, to take photos posing with guns? #

Of course, after the shooting, there will be enough time for everyone to take photos with unloaded guns.

The gun range

Is the gun range open on Sundays? #

Yes, the range is open daily, all year round (except for Dec 24–25).

What are the opening hours of the gun range? #

The range is open daily from 8 AM to 10 PM (except for Dec 24–25).

How do I get to the gun range? #

We provide free transportation to the gun range. In the booking form, you will be asked for your pick-up & drop-off address.

I have a car. Can I get to the gun range on my own? #

Sure, from our booking specialist you will get the instructions on how to get there.

Do I need a booking or appointment to come to shoot? #

Yes, booking is necessary. We usually accept also very last minute bookings.


How do I rent a gun? #

Our shooting packages already include gun rental. On the range, you can eventually add more guns to your package.

Can I buy extra guns? #

You can upgrade your package with any gun from our arsenal. The price is always €16 / CZK 400 per gun (including ammo).

What types of guns can I shoot? #

You can choose from several handguns, submachine guns, shotguns, rifles, revolvers, and pistols.

Are the guns automatic? #

All the guns are semi-automatic, meaning you will shoot single shots. Using automatic guns is not legal in the Czech Republic.

May I shoot two guns at the same time, like I see in movies? #

No, we are sorry. Such gun-handling that you know from movies is very unsafe in reality.

Ammo & targets

Can I buy extra ammunition? #

Yes, sure, you can add more ammo in any gun in your chosen shooting package or you can upgrade your package with another gun & ammo.

May I take some empty ammo with me as a souvenir? #

Yes, but for those traveling by plane is it not recommended trough the safety rules at the airport.

May I keep the target? #

Yes, sure. Also, the paper targets are not against the airport safety policy, so you can take them on the plane.

What types of targets are you using? #

Paper targets of different sizes and with different motives.

Can we bring a T-shirt or some other stuff and shoot it through? #

Things like T-shirts or own paper targets are allowed to shoot trough. Things like electronics, glass bottles, etc are not allowed to shoot trough due to safety reasons.


Am I allowed to take photos and videos during the shooting session? #

Yes, take as many photos and videos as you like, just as you stay behind the safety line.

Am I allowed to pose with guns for photos? #

Yes, after the shooting you will have enough time for taking photos with the unloaded guns. Also, your shooting instructor will be happy to assist you and take the photos for you.

I am a single traveler, can somebody take photos of me on the range? #

Your shooting instructor will be happy to assist you in taking photos and videos.

Can I use my head-mounted GoPro camera? #

Yes, you will get a very nice video this way.

Can I use my drone for taking video? #

On the outdoor ranges, you can, there is enough space to use the drone, on the indoor one is it technically not possible.

First-time shooters

Can I attend if I have never shot a gun before? #

Yes, of course. No experience is needed as our expert shooting instructors will be present to instruct you every step of the process to ensure you will be able to handle and operate each gun safely.

Is it safe for first-timers to shoot? #

Yes, our shooting instructors are trained to work with first-time shooters. You will have a dedicated shooting professional with you all the time.

What package do you recommend to choose for first-timers? #

You can choose any of the shooting packages. You do not need to have any previous experience to have maximal fun at the range, as the professional shooting instructor will assist you with handling and shooting each gun.

Do you have some advices for first-time shooters? #

Just to listen to your shooting instructor; he will patiently explain everything you need to know and answer any questions you might have.

Safety & protection

What experiences the shooting instructors have? #

The team consists of real professionals with many years of experience: current and former military and law enforcement officers. They keep your shooting experience fun, memorable, and—above all—safe.

What safety aids will I get? #

Protective headphones and goggles (nothing else is needed).

Is it safe for pregnant women to shoot? #

For health reasons, it is not allowed for pregnant women to shoot. Due to the noise, it is not recommended for them to spend time directly in the shooting area as spectators either.

Can I drink alcohol before going on the range? #

When handling a gun you must be able to think clearly. Therefore the use of alcohol is prohibited before or during shooting. Persons under the influence of alcohol will be denied the use of guns, for their own and other people’s safety.