Steyr AUG

Steyr Mannlicher, an Austrian firearms manufacturer, developed the bullpup assault rifle known as the Steyr Aug A1 in the 1970s. AUG stands for Armee Universal Gewehr (Army Universal Rifle). The Austrian military first received it in 1978, and has since gained worldwide recognition as a reliable and versatile firearm.

Behaviour & construction

The Steyr Aug A1 features a unique bullpup design, with the action and magazine behind the trigger group. Its selective fire system is chambered for 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition, allowing semi-automatic and automatic firing modes. The Steyr Aug A1 has a lightweight, durable polymer housing and chrome-lined barrel. It also has a built-in 1.5x telescopic sight, adjustable for windage and elevation, and a quick-change barrel system for easy replacement in the field.

Fields of use

Military and law enforcement agencies worldwide have adopted the Steyr Aug A1. The Austrian, Irish, Australian, and New Zealand armed forces, as well as various police departments in the US, use the gun. The Steyr Aug A1 has seen action in conflicts such as the Gulf War and Afghanistan.

Interesting facts

It's futuristic design and reliable performance have made it a popular choice for sci-fi and action media. The Steyr Aug A1 featured in the movies Die Hard and The Running Man and in the video games Rainbow Six: Siege and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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TypeBullpup assault rifle
Cartridge.223 Rem
Capacity30 rounds
ActionGas-operated, rotating bolt
Weight3.6 kg (7.9 lb)
Length80 cm (31 in)
Muzzle velocity970 m/s (3,182 ft/s)
Firing range300 m (980 ft)
Place of originAustria
ManufacturerSteyr Arms
DesignerHorst Wesp, Karl Wagner, Karl Möser
In servicesince 1978