Rossi Rio Bravo Winchester .22 LR

The Winchester Rossi Rio Bravo in .22 LR is crafted based on the beloved R92 lever-action series by the company. This rifle boasts a comfortable black polymer stock designed with a rear sling mount and a forearm equipped with slots for various accessories like lights and sling attachments. The Rio Bravo offers a classic rifle feel within the realm of rimfire guns. Ideal for activities such as small-game hunting, fun target shooting sessions, keeping pests in check around the farm, and even training youth in shooting skills.

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Price for 5 shots CZK 400 / €16

You can add Rossi Rio Bravo as an extra gun to a package, purchase more shots, or even build your own package from scratch. To add Rossi Rio Bravo as an extra or add more shots, please note that in your booking. If you’d like to build your own package, please contact us.

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TypeSemi-automatic rifle
Cartridge.22 LR
Capacity15 shots
ActionLever Action
Weight2,3 kg (5 lb)
Length92 cm (36 in)
Muzzle velocity450 m/s (1500ft/s)
Firing range1.800 m (2.000 yd)
Place of originBrazil
ManufacturerAmadeo Rossi SA