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Price for 5 shots CZK 400 / €16

You can add H&K G3 as an extra gun to a package, purchase more shots, or even build your own package from scratch. To add H&K G3 as an extra or add more shots, please note that in your booking. If you’d like to build your own package, please contact us.

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TypeBattle rifle
Cartridge7.62×51mm NATO
Capacity10 to 100 rounds
ActionRoller-delayed blowback
Weight4.38 kg (9.66 lb)
Length100 cm (40 in)
Muzzle velocity800 m/s (2,62ft/s)
Firing range1 km (1,1 yd)
Rate of fire500–600 rounds/min.
Place of originWest Germany
ManufacturerHekler & Koch
DesignerMauser manufactory
Producedsince 1958
Number built8 mil.