DPM 28 Djektarjev machine gun 7,62 × 54R

The Degtyaryov DP, also known as the "pancake" due to its distinctive disk-shaped magazine, was a Soviet light machine gun primarily used during World War II. It is also referred to as the DP-27 (1927) or DP-28. This simple and easy-to-use weapon was also utilized in the post-war period, especially in developing countries.

Russian designer Vasily Degtyaryov began working on a design for a simple and lightweight machine gun in 1923. Inspired by the Lewis gun, he opted for a different breech locking system using two locking flaps. By the start of World War II, the Red Army was equipped with 170,000 of these machine guns, with an additional 660,000 produced during the war. Combat and technical losses accounted for more than half of these numbers. The Czechoslovak 1st Army Corps in the USSR was also armed with DP machine guns.

The DT (DT-29) version, later designated as DTM, was used in tanks and armored vehicles. Introduced in 1929, this variant remained largely similar to the original DP, with the addition of a retractable shoulder stock replacing the fixed wooden stock. The DT version did not have a muzzle brake, and its magazine capacity increased to 60 rounds from the DP's 47. It could be easily removed from a tank or vehicle for infantry use with the addition of a bipod, muzzle brake, and iron sights.

The main issue with the DP machine gun was its disk-shaped magazine, which had a small capacity and was prone to malfunctions. In 1946, the gun underwent another modification to the RP-46 model, which replaced the magazine with a belt feed system. This version remained in service with the Soviet Army until the 1960s when it was replaced by the PK machine gun.

The first prototype of the DP light machine gun was built in 1926, officially adopted by the Red Army a year later. In the transition period between 1943 and 1944, it was modernized, resulting in the DPM version (M for modernized).

The DA version was a machine gun used in military aircraft as a flexible armament for gunners/observers.

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TypeLight machine gun
Capacity47 shots
Weight8,5 kg (18 lb)
Length126 cm (50 in)
Muzzle velocity840 m/s (2,750 ft/s)
Firing range800 m (875 yd)
Rate of fire500–600 rounds per minute
Place of originSoviet Union
DesignerVasilij Alexejevič Děgťarjov
In service1928 - today